25/04/12, 12.05pm, NZ day

Decided to pamper myself by having breakfast at this restaurant beside the hostel that my room-mate declared to be “absolutely my favourite restaurant” in the world.

I took off alone as I wanted some personal time alone. After settling down and was happily engrossed in my personal day dreaming, the canadian gal walked in. We were chatting about going home when the canadian guy strolled in. Of course, we welcome him at the table. 15 mins later, tihe German guy came in,  followed by the Dutch guy on his heels. We had a cheerful breakfast together. In the backpackers’ world, we are all free spirits, we move on our own & also rejoice in having company when it is there.

Chilling by the waterfront on NZ day and writing to myself:

Remember, not making it in 1 place does not mean that you are a failure. It just means that you failed to fit into that one place. Take the lessons that you learnt there with you and move on. Remember that your world is only as big or as small as you want it to be. Leave the negative feelings about the place, the people and your doubts and negativity about yourself behind and move on. Have a fresh start in a familiar place, do your best and live the life you want. Be yourself again. Revel in being comfortable in an environment that allows you to be yourself. Nothing is perfect in life, it is what you pick up and carry with you from the experience when you move on that matters. Move on & be happy with your decision cos’ no place that makes you so unhappy is worth staying on.


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