Posted in October 2013

Old pals

It has been a while since we hang out. We have our differences. There were moments when I wonder if the friendship will fade into non-existence. Just let go, little by little, inch by inch and it will be gone with time. Somehow, we held on. Just hanging out tonight makes me realised how comforting … Continue reading

Simple delight

Enjoying mee goreng while chit chatting with a new friend on a Sunday at Raffles Place. I could hardly believe this is the same place where we need to jostle for a seat amongst the impatient crowd on a weekday.

Idyllic afternoon

gazing at leaves spinning and dancing in a slow fall towards the ground. Enjoying the idyllic moment. It has been a while since I feel so contented and care free. There is something about being amid nature that infuse a feeling of peace and general well being.

Too spoilt for choices

The juice bar at the resort we were staying in Bali offered a nice array of fruits for our choice of concoction of freshly squeezed juices. In typical kiasu-ness, mum went wild and came back with this. Not sure how many variety of fruits is in there. She kindly offered me a taste. My verdict? … Continue reading