Do not take it negatively. Take it as an opportunity to start the new year with clarity. Like spring cleaning. Clear the cobwebs of my mind, throw out the junks & negativity and start with a fresh perspective. Do me good. After the revelations and realisations, it is good to shake off these mental blocks and move on.

I had 2 shocking revelations made to me last year and 2 long overdue realisations start of this year. In my sadness and confusions, I find acceptance and love. In my disappointments and anger, I find strength and clarity to move on. These are going to do me more good than harm in the long run.

Truth be told, nothing has changed in my life except my emotions and perspectives. It is good thing to get these tidied up. So all is well. And just in time to start the lunar new year too. With hope.

At this age, I still struggled with managing my emotions and maturity, to accept disappointments and reality. But, I am progressing. The struggles are bound to continue. Well, that’s life.


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