Thoughts of the cluttered brain

– Sometimes when you try too long and too hard at something. Without seeing any results/changes. Or when you reach a point when you realise your efforts are furtile. It may be easier to accept that this is not working out. It may not be a bad thing to think about moving on. It’s time I accept it and think about life forward.

That’s the beauty of life. It doesn’t end here.

– I find it hard to write cos I have no gather my thoughts and examine them. Also, the distractions. As I am typing this, I lose track mid-line and have to re-think the 2nd half of my sentence.

I also have no space to think cos the brain is swamped & cluttered. Most days, it’s like a production line where inputs are processed asap and the moment it’s throw out as outputs. It is deleted cos there is insufficient memory space in my very cluttered brain. The outstanding inputs just continue to mount and I don’t remember most things anymore. There is only a limited number of things that I bother trying to remember. In fact, my lapse in memory is appalling. I will have been more frightened if I did not realised that my colleagues are also displaying similar memory lapses.

This is not life..not really…we are starting to feel like machines.

There is no space to think & I feel suffocated.


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