Posted in January 2017


I really like my neighbours. I like how we offer little gestures of kindness we go about out daily lives & how we reciprocate these gestures in kind. Whenever we give something, somehow, we always receive something back. I like the simplicity and sincerity of our interaction which brought warmth to my heart. The kampong … Continue reading

Lesson 1

You have work harder to stand on your own feet, be stronger and stand firm so that you are capable of holding your own grounds. Do not give in to veiled threats from bullies/jerks. Do not hold the negativity from these encounters. Each of these encounters should me a reason for working harder to be … Continue reading

Don’t feel bad and don’t feel scared. This is only the beginning. Use this encounter to build your mental strength to prepare to meet & withstand more challenges ahead. You need to learn to stay calm and shrug these encounters off. Remember to stay focused on your goals. The sooner you meet it, the faster … Continue reading


First step & encouragement. Thankful for the support of friends. Thankful for the help and blessings I have received. I have learned many little lessons from this tiny start. Hopefully, these lessons can build my resiliences. P.S. I am so glad running man will continue!!!

My own keeper

Remember this feeling and know that you can only depend on yourself and no one else. When the going gets hard. Grit your teeth and plod on. Double your efforts. Re-think and review the way you were working. Re-adjust if necessary but remember, you cannot give up. You can only move forward. You are your … Continue reading


It’s the end of the 1st week of Jan 17 and I am still waiting restlessly.  Waiting anxiously. Feeling jittery and lost. Feeling the peer pressure from the group chat everyday. Feeling impatient to start doing something while watching all the actions around. My shoulders feel tense even in my sleep. I try to calm … Continue reading