Posted in May 2017

It’s certainly competitive and tough in this industry but is there a need to be so paranoid? Was in office doing follow up calls when a colleague came in. I went to my calls after a brief exchange on how the going had been. After 2 calls, she suddenly turned to me and abruptly demanded, … Continue reading

For myself and my family, I can’t give up. For the life that I want, I just need to try harder, much harder.

R once told me “Someone once said of love, if you let him go, and he comes back, you are meant to be.” Apparently this can also apply in sales, “If I let go and it comes back, it is meant to be.” Chill. Take a deep breath, hold and exhale. Now we wait….

While plodding along, while struggling with daily challenges, while fighting to stay strong, positive and have faith in myself, do smell the roses and enjoy life. The only way to progress is to take care of myself. The only way to success is to ignore the nay-sayers & believe in myself. I can do it. … Continue reading