Calm down. Compose myself.

Let go of the anxiety.

Just do 1 thing every day to move forward.

Do not be too attached to outcome.

Just make sure that I am doing something to move forward every day.

Build my confidence and proficiency.

And to build in time daily for:

1. Reading: News & Industry specific – 1 hr in the morning.

2. Reading: Motivation & Self Improvement – 30 mins before bed.

3. Breakfast

4. Calling – 1 hour daily, Mon – Fri

5. Calling – 3 to 9pm, once a week.

6. Outdoor prospecting – 4 hours, once a week

7. Online posting – 1 hour, twice a week

8. Appointments – 3 per week day = 15 per week (can be ad hoc cold) ===> 3 quality follow up.

9. Personal time: 1 hour daily

10. Family meals: 3 times per week


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