Posted in September 2017

Every day, I wake up. I have a home with family who loves me. I have food to eat & water to drink. I have too much clothes and too many pairs of shoes to wear. I have friends who care. I have work to do. I am healthy & those that I love are … Continue reading

Good Day

Received 2 hopes, thankful and touched for the care and support. Lunch with childhood playmates 3 open cases to work on from 1 appt. Happy and thankful too. Back to office, received helpful and friendly advice from nice people….Really nice, not fake nice..And no fake claims of wrf💩 but sincere advices. 2 follow ups from … Continue reading

The beauty of the dandelion is not in it’s brief moment of glory, it’s in its root and its resilience. They grow back each year, double fold. In your heart, you need to be a dandelion.