Posted in October 2017

The fear is there, lots of it. Along with all the self doubts & panic frenzy. All immobilising me. I am acting like an ostrich again, hiding in my comfort zone with the panic building up. I cannot afford to stay here. I need to move on. I need to accept that there are no … Continue reading

New resolutions

😃 To be kinder 😃 Learn to see the good in others rather than the bad. 😃 To be more appreciative of people around me. 😃 To be more thankful and contented with what I have. 😃 Laugh more & laugh often. 😃 Sleep and eat better 😃 Drink more water….really do it.

Self Reminder

DO NOT LIST Do not: 1. lose your temper 2. be sarcastic 3. engage in pointless conversation 4. ask again!! Just call the entire damn list. 5. Cuss and swear in person or over any digital mode of communication. Do it here on this blog if truly necessary. 6. forget all of the above. Read … Continue reading

I need to avoid unneccessary discussion with idealistic and young fresh graduates and even those with a few years of working experiences (especially this group actually). Full of idealism and principles of the perfect world. Without any sense of what it is like to have the responsibility to feed a family. All I need was … Continue reading

The only way through is forward…

Just trash all my notes on previous job. There is no more turning back. I can only move forward. A long time back, an ex-colleague told me, “To achieve success in your new career, you need to burn your bridges, to know that you have reach the point of no return. This is exactly where … Continue reading


I am practically doing nothing this week. I should be on a roll and putting in more efforts after 3 deals recently. But, for some incomprehensive reasons, I stalled. Perhaps, it is just pure laziness, fear, burnout or complacency. More likely, it is a combination of all these, coupled with the feeling of loneliness at … Continue reading

Whatever you do not like, change it! Let’s start with cleaning my room tomorrow. Living room next. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Clear what I do not need to create the space I need. Oh, and to photocopy receipts.

Gorgeous sky

Dusk was gorgeous today. Cannot resist a quick shot while waiting for my appointment. There was a guy playing music right beside me, adding to the charm of the scene. Totally lifts my mood!