I am practically doing nothing this week.

I should be on a roll and putting in more efforts after 3 deals recently. But, for some incomprehensive reasons, I stalled. Perhaps, it is just pure laziness, fear, burnout or complacency. More likely, it is a combination of all these, coupled with the feeling of loneliness at work. Coincidently, office is closed for a few days giving me a convenient excuse to stay away.

I have time on my hand to take online personality test, initiate dinner with classmates, spend tons of time with family and do practically nothing…

I used to leave office after a long exhausting day to find my group chats swamped with messages. Often, this is accompanied with irritation, wondering why is everyone else so free at work when I do not even have time to go toilet! Now, I am one of the most responsive.

Having all this freedom of time is a good time but I need to be more disciplined in managing it. I need to strike a healthy balance on my time for this freedom to remain a good thing.

It is good to have time to rest, recharge and connect with friends and family. It is to have quiet reflective time on my own. But, I need to set a work schedule and discipline myself to follow it if I want to survive in this industry. I cannot overindulge myself, be emotional, create excuses for myself and sink into laziness. I need to strike a proper work life balance for this change to be a good thing.

First thing first…

1. Sleep early so that I can wake up earlier.

2. Whether I like it or not, go into office at least 3 days a week.

3. Clear my stuff to create proper space for working at home. I need to create a division of working space from the rest of the home.

4. Replace the billy bookcase that is looking like to Leaning tower of Pisa once again. Seriously… I love everything about the billy bookcase except the quality.

Can Ikea just make better quality billy bookcases, charge us more and save us the hassle of replacing them every few years?

Every few years, I searched for an alternative bookcase but still ended up getting a billy book case…. Haiz, because of the space configuration and because I am a cheapskate who cannot bear to let the existing set of billy bookcase doors go to waste.

This year, I am going to shop for alternatives again cos I am really sick of replacing bookcase. Hopefully, I don’t end up with another billy bookcase for exactly the same reasons.


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