I need to avoid unneccessary discussion with idealistic and young fresh graduates and even those with a few years of working experiences (especially this group actually). Full of idealism and principles of the perfect world. Without any sense of what it is like to have the responsibility to feed a family.

All I need was for her to relay 1 very simple question to a 3rd party and forward the answer to me.

Just 1 damn simple question.

But, the question was never asked cos it is beneath her personal principles and she has 1 success example of convincing some other 3rd party otherwise (that deal was of a much lower quantum). It is also not fair and this practice should not be encouraged. She has personally rejected 1 deal (also of a much smaller quantum) due to the injustice of this.

The rest of us should at least have the same level of dignity and pride to starve our family and pursue the ideal stage of justice & equality in a perfect business situation. No fairness & idealism = no deal.

I hope my mama can appreciate the wisdom of it all and not tell me “I eat salt more than you eat rice.”

Meanwhile I have to find a way to reaching the 3rd party without going through this extremely self righteous mouthpiece.

I am also feeling aghast at the thought that this may be how I was acting in my younger days. I may be asking myself “Did I? Did I not? Did I??” in my dreams, even through, she wished me sweet dreams😃😃😃 How sweet!

P.S. I like to qualify that my very simple question is a widely accepted business practices endorsed by all the regulations and relevant bodies, within all business ethnics. Well, almost all, if you exclude perfect idealism.

P.P.S Brings back lovely memories of studying about perfect competition in a perfect market.

P.P.S Now that I have let off some stream, it’s time for my perfectly calm self to go have my perfect beauty sleep and have my perfectly sweet dream. After all, in my very perfect world, the deal will have close itself by the time I wake up and I can just reap the benefits without lifting a finger.


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