The fear is there, lots of it.

Along with all the self doubts & panic frenzy.

All immobilising me.

I am acting like an ostrich again, hiding in my comfort zone with the panic building up.

I cannot afford to stay here. I need to move on. I need to accept that there are no forthcoming help. The only way forward is to do it on my way. The more I hate the current status, the harder I need to be working to move forward. I am not giving up. I just need to keep doing till I am better at it. Remember, grit it out.

1. Practice until I have breakthrough.

Breakdown goals, keep practicing, keep learning. Read, read, read and do, do, do.

2. Find someone to imitate.

Find a role model and imitate them.  Not mimic them, but imitate their patterns and practices.

3. Get in there and grit it out.

The very things that will take me to the next level are the things I am resisting or procrastinating right now.  If I want to grow in self-confidence, I must banish my hesitance.  I can’t wait until I am feeling it, neither can I stay put until my nerves are all calm and I’ve got it all together. I have got to get in there and grit it out. Action will create the desire and inspiration I now lack and long for. Stop trying to ready myself for the very thing that will make me ready.


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