While I was chugging along life on my own

You were holding her hand and building your lives together.

While I was backpacking alone overseas with you in my heart, you were holding her hand and embracing your kids enjoying the joy exploring new places together.

While I was struggling at work, you were flying in your career with support & motivation derived from your own cosy family.

While I was enshrined in loneliness, you were bathed in family warmth and love.

I only have myself to blame. This life that I am living, I choose it with the little & big choices I made on the way.

I choose not to move on. So, I deserve it.

And now, I have to make my choices for the future I am going to live.

I am sitting outside the office building of the place where I spent a year of my life working myself half to death. Staring at the river and wondering which is worse, working endlessly and functioning like a zombie everyday or like now, not knowing what to do everyday to make things happen. Whichever case, I still am the problem. Lost myself in work and now, lost in life.

Looking at all these people coming out of the office looking drained, I am sure I never want to go back. In that case, I have to make it work out here. On my own.



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