Just part and parcel

I can’t lose what was never mine. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Learn from this and move on. In this career, if I can’t let go, I am just making myself miserable over nothing. Move on, move forward, keep moving.

1. Today, I met nice people. 2. It’s nice to be in the midst of a group of warm hearted people. 3. Thankful to have help offered.

While I was chugging along life on my own

You were holding her hand and building your lives together. While I was backpacking alone overseas with you in my heart, you were holding her hand and embracing your kids enjoying the joy exploring new places together. While I was struggling at work, you were flying in your career with support & motivation derived from … Continue reading

In slightly more than an hour, it is your birthday. Happy Birthday. Be happy and healthy. Old habits die hard, I still remember…

On my own

I need to give up the mindset of needing help. I need to make the decision to rely solely on my own, stand on my own feet and fend for myself. It’s all about surviving now. Swim or sink. It’s all on my own out here. The more I hate it, the more determined I … Continue reading

If after such a long period of time, I am still not feeling ok, what should I do? I need to at the very least stand up for myself and stand on my feet.

Bye Bye Billy

I have finally given up on Billy despite everything that I like about him. And yes, I am a cheapskate that uses Billy to the point of collapse. In fact, after removing the last stack of books, he decided to collapse and flop down on top of me. Ouch! That’s was a loud final farewell. … Continue reading