Posted in February 2008


A hospital is a hospital. Doesn’t matter how much money or effort was spent on building it or trying to make it look more inviting. Mum had a minor day surgery today. I spent half of the day waiting at the hospital. Despite the wide array of cafes and shops, the modern decor and really friendly staff, … Continue reading


在東京鐵塔 第一次眺望 看燈火模仿 墜落的星光 我終於到達 但卻更悲傷 一個人完成 我們的夢想 你總說 時間還很多 你可以等我 以前我不懂得 未必明天 就有以後 想念是會呼吸的痛 它活在我身上所有角落 哼你愛的歌會痛 看你的信會痛 連沈默也痛 遺憾是會呼吸的痛 它流在血液中來回滾動 後悔不貼心會痛 恨不懂你會痛 想見不能見最痛 沒看你臉上 張揚過哀傷 那是種多麼 寂寞的倔強 你拆了城牆 讓我去流浪 在原地等我 把自己捆綁 你沒說 你也會軟弱 需要倚賴我 我就裝不曉得 自由移動 自我地過 我發誓不再說謊了 多愛你就會抱你多緊的 我的微笑都假了 靈魂像飄浮著 你在就好了 我發誓不讓你等候 陪你做想做的無論什麼 我越來越像貝殼 怕心被人觸碰 你回來那就好了 能重來那就好了

Sunset in Italy

One of the loveliest things about travelling by rail was being able to enjoy lovely sunsets at different settings. Whether it is shimmering among the trees, over the lake, across farmland or in between buildings, each sunset is unique in its beauty. This one was taken in Italy, on the way back to Florence from Siena. P.s. I have … Continue reading

We are the world

This song was recorded by 45 musicians, raised over $63 millions for famine relief and won 4 1986 Grammys. Click on the youtube link to learn more about the significance of the song.  When I was about 9 or 10, I remembered my music teacher teaching us a song titled “Music alone shall live”. Not sure … Continue reading

The heart never lies

by McFly  Lyrics: Some people laugh Some people cry Some people live Some people die Some people run Right into the fire Some people hide Their every desire But we are the lovers If you don’t believe me Then just look into my eyes ’cause the heart never lies Some people fight Some people fall … Continue reading

The poser

A cute one. I told my niece to look up so that I could take a picture of her. To my surprise, she immediately held up both her index fingers, pointed them to her cheeks and made a cutey face.