Posted in November 2010

Oh yay, I had some moments of self doubts today when I checked out jobs opening. I counted grand total of 5 possibilities and sent out 6 applications including 1 other non-related opening that looks interesting. I am actually underqualifed for 3 out of the 5 possibilities. Well, can’t hurt to just forward my CV. … Continue reading

Just an interlude?

Been wondering if we are just gonna to be a minor interlude in each other’s lives after I move on. Seems like that is gonna be the case. The only logical basis for the unexpected rapport arises out of being in a common situation. I am unable to recall when/how it all started. Not overnight … Continue reading

self reminder

2 beers, 2 whisky, 1 sake, 1 sparkling wine, 2 rieslings + 2 shiraz + 1 or possibly a couple more dunno wat, think it’s another red = 24 hours of hangover. Don’t try it again. The body is too old for this much alcohol. Got a bit high, probably rattled too much, but was … Continue reading

Time to move on

Being scared is not a good reason to stay put. Moving on is always a good thing. I have been pondering over the same thing for so long that I truly think making a decision is better than no decision. However, I am unable to feel total relief at having made up my mind. I … Continue reading