Posted in June 2017

3 things to move things forward ✔ Thankful for: 1. Met 1 nice auntie who offered me a drink 2. 1 follow up contact 3. Nice friend who is ever ready to help. 4. Learn something new today 5. Appreciation for hard work.

If you don’t like where you are now, work harder to get out of the place you are in. Face your fears by working harder.

Calm down. Compose myself. Let go of the anxiety. Just do 1 thing every day to move forward. Do not be too attached to outcome. Just make sure that I am doing something to move forward every day. Build my confidence and proficiency. And to build in time daily for: 1. Reading: News & Industry … Continue reading

C Characteristics

1. Caring 2. Nice to everyone 3. Understanding 4. Firm core values 5. Helpful 6. Trustworthy 7. Put people at ease 8. Put a different perspective to things 9. Always thinking of our interests 10. High EQ 11. Generous 12. Perceptive 13. Genuine 14. Sincere 15. Humorous 16. Assuring 17. Dependable 18. Surprising 19. Thoughful … Continue reading

If you can conquer the difficulties of setting up a branch overseas, I can overcome these challenges I am facing and move ahead. I want to face you with confidence someday soon.