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I want to eat a long leisurely meal uninterrupted, instead of shoving my food down like a mad cow while typing furiously on my phone.

Humans are just like trees. We need to cut off our loads and move out of comfort zone for new growth to happen. This is an essential part of life. Maybe painful now but have faith in new growth. Bit by bit, day by day, it will surely happen. We are stronger than we think. … Continue reading

If it is difficult now, that means I am growing & learning. Someday, I can look back & see progress. Just keep going forward.

真心真意感激 诚心诚意付出 尽力建立诚信 Truly touched by P’s gesture and kind thought Truly touched by how nice his family are Am really thankful for the help & encouragements I have received fm colleagues Thankful towards D for always keeping me in mind Received a nice surprise when I came back home too It’s has been a … Continue reading

You are middle aged, doubled chin with a round face to match… Your familiar smug expression…. Your adoring gaze revealing your love which has intensified since your wedding day. Happy wedding anniversary. As lame as it gets, I am still wishing you well from afar.