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it is not as bad as it was before there is someone who needs me so much…it is a good thing to be needed isn’t it? I still meet nice clients who value my opinion and refer business to me I can call a good friend in my moment of need and talk to her….missing … Continue reading

Thankful 1. To have nice people to work with today 2. To meet nice people to give me hope 3. To come home to lovely home cooked food 4. To meet kind person to help buy lunch, prep talk included.


From SD: You are not lazy. It is just that your why is not strong enough. Please go find your why and build a strong foundation beneath it. And don’t spend too much time thinking. Just go do it.

It was a sophisticated & intricate setup for manipulation. There were: Manipulation Through Lying Taking Advantage Of Your Emotional Investments Challenging Your Ego Through Provocation & Contempt Plain Old Brainwashing Subtle Emotional Blackmail Peer Pressure Deprivation Caressing the Ego – Vanity I stood my ground and choose to deviate from the group in my decision. … Continue reading

It wasn’t that it was not difficult back then. It was just that it had never felt difficult because you were always around. Heard that you are on sabbatical. I hope all is well at home and you are really just taking time to enjoy family life. 希望你一切安好。

13/5 Told R, I am learning to be a better person every day…at least, trying to.. 14/5 There are no problems that cannot be solved. If I cannot solve it, I should start looking at it from another perspective.