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Never forget that the worst anyone can ever say is no. But, you’ll never hear yes if you don’t ask.   Advertisements

The only way through is forward…

Just trash all my notes on previous job. There is no more turning back. I can only move forward. A long time back, an ex-colleague told me, “To achieve success in your new career, you need to burn your bridges, to know that you have reach the point of no return. This is exactly where … Continue reading


I am practically doing nothing this week. I should be on a roll and putting in more efforts after 3 deals recently. But, for some incomprehensive reasons, I stalled. Perhaps, it is just pure laziness, fear, burnout or complacency. More likely, it is a combination of all these, coupled with the feeling of loneliness at … Continue reading

Whatever you do not like, change it! Let’s start with cleaning my room tomorrow. Living room next. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter. Clear what I do not need to create the space I need. Oh, and to photocopy receipts.

Gorgeous sky

Dusk was gorgeous today. Cannot resist a quick shot while waiting for my appointment. There was a guy playing music right beside me, adding to the charm of the scene. Totally lifts my mood!

Self reminder

Do not be greedy. Learn to be contented and thankful for what I have now. Frankly, life is pretty good right now. I eat well, sleep well and laugh often. I do not get angry and stressed as easily. I am seeing and enjoying the little things that brings blissfulness and peace in daily life. … Continue reading

View from my room

Just realised that I can actually view sunset right from my room…great! Tiny, side, pocket view but still there wor…. And why have I not realised it after staying for so long? duh….. The little things we missed when life is hectic. ok, and when I am also quite sotong… Glad I am starting to … Continue reading